February 9, 2011

15th Wedding Monthversary

Happy 15th monthversary dear Papa..

Although still 15th monthversary not 15th anniversary. But I wanna say humble thank you from the deepest of my heart.

Thanks for being such a caring husband and Papa
Willing to wake up in midnite for Gazel. means a lot pap!
Thanks for being my back up in taking care of Gazel when I was sick (sampe cuti segala)..
Thanks for the rub.. becoming my ASI booster..
Thanks for uplifting my mood when I was down in ASI management
Thanks for believing in me to become a great mom for Gazel
Preparing dinner when I was breastfeeding Gazel. *terharu*

You are great Papa as well a superb hubby.

Happy monthversary dear Belm Mardiansyah..

Warmest Kisses..

Riska & Baby Gazel

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