July 23, 2009

Oooh No!!!

I was in Mega Mendung to have a High Performing Team training & Belm was on his way to his office in Kuningan when this explosion happened in Mega Kuningan area: JW Marriott & Ritz Carlton Hotel. So sad to hear another terror in this country that already had more and more stability after last bomb explosions in Mariott & Bali and also after our presidential election. Our deep condelence for all of the victims affected. And for the victims that passed away, may they all rest in peace.

Lot of impacts due to the tragedy, one of them is we lost the credibility to host a spectacular match between Red Devil, Manchester United vs Indonesia all stars. The other is economic issue that become unstable, IHSG & rupiah value are down. But the most important thing is the unity of Indonesia. Please no blaming others, no pointing finger, no guessing of whose mr. wrong or mr. right, let Indonesia unites. Don’t make the terrorist smile, just proove that they even make us stronger.

p.s. untuk wedding couple yang mengalami impact dari bom tersebut, karena pernikahan di 2 hotel mewah tersebut harus di cancel, we also feel sorry.. Hope you find much better one, and hope you still have the happiness since you two are getting married and becoming a couple who will life happily ever after..our pray for you all..

Peace lovers,
riska & belm

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