September 10, 2009


Less than two months, you will be my hubby, and me as your wifey.

It's just so nice to recall our moments, from the first time we met in high school nine years ago.

And our faces was still so teenager ;)

Until you and me declared to become a lover in 01.01.2004.

We really enjoy our time together from that time until now.

Our moment is as sweet as an ice cream.

as great as a grilled steak that cooked by ourselves.

As beauty & colorful as garden in our picture background

And as happy as we receive a suprise from each other

During the time, we always support each other, even if I can not be a good skater, and feel so afraid of something. You will always there.

Even if we feel sad and gloomy.

We will always be there for each other, and make us smile again all the way.

I remember, We always be a good team.

I just believe, there will always be a good time with you

Never regret, just

we're so lucky that we're in love with our best friend.

Until forever...forever...and ever


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