September 17, 2009

Welcoming long holiday

Wohooo.. super excited today!

Today is last working day before a loooong weekend. Yihaa!

It’s so lovely to know that all people in the factory will go mudik to their home town.


Hmmm…I will say that I will not go mudik this year. Actually I have kampung, Sumedang is my momma kampung. But my grandma & grandpa already passed away many years ago. So my momma think that it is not mandatory anymore to go there during lebaran week. While my papa has some relatives in Surabaya, but all close family already migrated to Jakarta for good since loooong time ago, even my papa was born in Jakarta (and can’t speak javanese at all).

So, if anyone ask me whether I go mudik or not? I will say clearly, that “no, I don’t go mudik”. Which sometimes, I feel alone, that only me, that not going mudik. I feel ashame, I don’t have any kampung to visit in lebaran day, no similar joy and happiness like they have :(

Even Belm, will sign out from Jakarta and go mudik to his momma kampung, Cirebon on Saturday morning.

And now, I am preparing my holiday plan in this city only, with family
  • Buy Gossip Girl season 3, and watch it until finish during holiday
  • Give it a try to USB modem SMART..(beneran cepet nda ya?)
  • maybe we will have vacation to taman Safari?

And then visiting my bude, tante, and oom, and giving ampau to nieces and nephews.

Belm, cepatlah pulaaang dari Cirebon….jangan kelamaan di sananya...

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